Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I Did Mother's Day Weekend


The child had a friend over and they went to the park across the street to hang out with boys. So I hung out with my friend, P. We ate jalapeƱo chips and drank just a teensy bit too much wine.

Then the child and her friend came back and facebooked or msned or whatever they do that requires a lot of high-pitched squealing and giggling.

They kept that up long after I’d fallen asleep.


Bazel woke me at the crack of dawn and we had a nice quiet breakfast and read the paper together until the squealing teenagers woke up at ten demanding to be fed. “Ha ha,” I said. “Make your own breakfast. I have other plans.”

I know. I’m a horrible mother – letting her hang around parks with boys, drinking around her, not constantly supervising her internet usage, leaving her to fend for herself for breakfast, but, oh well, she can take it up with her therapist when she’s 30.

So, anyway, I made my way over to Preston Street where I was meeting the ever sparklingly effervescent Zoom for brunch at Stoneface Dolly’s. We had delightful egg dishes, some very large tumblers of Beau’s and then wandered aroundLittle Italy. .

As you’ll discover over on Zoom’s blog, we ended up stumbling into some tulip-related festivities. Zoom has posted some of the gorgeous photos she took.

I’d never been to Ottawa during Tulip Festival and couldn’t imagine traveling here just to see tulips, but they are pretty and flowery and almost as colorful as the many, many people who apparently did travel to see tulips.

I took the O-Train for the first time, too. I love the O-Train. I wish the O-Train would go more places that I need to go so I could take the O-Train all the time. I didn’t want to get off the O-Train. I want to marry the O-Train. I think the O-Train likes me, too. We went through a tunnel!!

After the O-Train, I went for a hair cut. Nothing drastic, just a general cleaning up so I look less like a crazy cat lady. Eventually I went home.

That night I dreamed of the O-Train.


Sunday, Bazel woke me up at the crack of dawn, pointing out that the day promised to be a lovely one. We had breakfast and read the paper. Then I watched Coronation Street, (yawn).

My darling daughter, who’s life I’m, like, totally ruining by not dancing attendance on her when, (and only when), she wants me to, gave me this lovely painting for Mother’s Day. She’s the artist.

Then to heap on additional guilt, she also made the Sunday lunch – her famous vegetarian cannelloni. It was awesome.
After I watched her wash the dishes, scrub the pots, scour the kitchen and shovel ashes out of the hearth with a teaspoon, we went out to walk off the canneloni. We ran into some neighbours who were also walking off their Mother's Day lunch. They talked us into coming with them for some beverages at a nearby coffee conglomarate whose doors I had so far managed not to darken and whose name starts with s.t.a.r. and rhymes with "sucks".

And now I'm back home and trying to psych myself up to start preparations for another dynamic week of work and school.

And, that's a slice of my weekend life. Hope ya'll had a beautiful Mother's Day Weekend.


Newsguy Bob said...

So, if I read between the lines properly, you wouldn't trade this past weekend for anything in the world.

Happy Mother's Day, XUP.


The Casual Perfectionist said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I hope you have a fabulous week. :)

XUP said...

Bob - thanks. It was a nice weekend, but if they really wanted to make the Mother's Day weekend special they'd tag a few more days on either end.

CP - Thanks. Same to you.

Bandobras said...

You are losing sight of the big picture. Kubler-Ross gave us th stages of dying and at my advanced age I can't recall all the stages of parenting but I do remember that the chief function for parents during the child's teen years is to ruin their life. Don't fret you will soon move to another stage. You will however never be forgiven for the ruining thing now underway.

alison said...

Sounds like a stellar weekend. The cannelloni look impressively delicious. My girls made me peanut butter toast and juice for breakfast yesterday. It was deeelicious. I think I'll go blog my Mother's Day weekend now.

A Happy Downtowner said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend and you're treating your daughter like an adult, which I'm sure she will be thankful one day if she's not aleady is but then you don't show that right? lol

My girl gave me a beautiful gift too. She let me cut all the nails on her front paws without biting! She was just meowing hahaha

JB said...

You couldn't have let the poor darling use a soup spoon, for once?
You would have already received a Mother's Day wish from me if you had a page on Facebook, where I exclaimed Happy Mother's Day to all Mommies everywhere among my friends - but since you can't bear Facebook - a belated Happy Mother's Day to you.
p.s. I feel about Starbucks the way you feel about the O Train.

XUP said...

Bandobras - Well, then I guess I'm on the right track. Thanks

Alison - Your Mother's Day weekend sounded even more fun than mine

HD - My furbaby is putting up a bit less of a struggle at clipping time these days too!! Ah, the joy of these tiny accomplishments.

JB - I can barely keep up with a blog, nevermind Facebook, too. And, I'd love to see a comprehensive post from you on the joys of Starbucks sometime.

zoom said...

**sparklingly effervescent**

Thanks XUP. I thought you were quite sparklingly effervescent too.

I love your daughter's painting, btw.

XUP said...

Zooom - Merci